Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fat Kid Review: Roger's Bakery

I'm not a baked good kinda guy generally. I mean, I'll eat cookies or cakes if presented with it, but they generally aren't something I actively seek out. You can't lure me with a doughnut or brownie the way so many others can be coerced. Hell even bread doesn't do it for me. I've never said, "Oh man... I'm just craving some bread."

But that being said, I understand quality. And though I don't care that much if offered a fritter, a quality one will always having me coming back for more.

Roger's Bakery at 7235 West 3500 South (Inside Reams)Roger's Bakery on Urbanspoon out in Magna makes some of the best cookies and doughnuts I've ever had. In fact as I think back on it, they're the reason I don't enjoy a lot of baked desserts. Because from the time I was young when we went for such things we'd head over to Roger's. And ho boy... you can't get better far as I'm concerned. 

Now there are fancier bakeries in the valley. Ones that one of the Fat Kids will probably write about in the future. But for me? There's only Rogers. 

There are two reasons, their Holiday Sugar Cookies, and their FANTASTIC specialty doughnuts. 

For each holiday they make sugar cookies. They're a fairly simple shortbread cookie cut into festive shapes with a thin coating of colored icing. Now, when folks think of sugar cookies they think of that cloying sweetness smeared with paste-like frosting. These though... these are perfect. The shortbread melts in your mouth with just the right amount of crunch and texture. They're the perfect vessel for any kind of fruit or dessert spread. I can't say enough good about them. 

But the real thing for me, is the doughnuts. Two very specific doughnuts are my absolute favorites. Ones I've eaten since I was little and the ones that just make my mouth water to even think about them. 

The Bavarian Cream Foot, and the Raspberry Fritter. 

It's like all the best parts of childhood for me. The soft fluffiness inside of the gently crispy glazed outer crust. The decadent but not too sweet cream in three points along the length of a doughnut longer then your hand. Well maybe not my hand, but I'm sure somebody's hand. And it's a foot! I mean it's whimsical of something. 

But the thing that is worth driving out for is the Fritter. Especially the Raspberry one. A perfectly coated caramel colored crisp outer area with a ever so slightly doughy inside run through with raspberries for that little bit of sour to cut right through the sweetness. 

I'm not say I'd fight the All Power Hobo King for but a taste of this delicacy...

But I might try and steal his box for one. It's just that good. 

See you in the Chow line.
-The Fat Kid

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