Friday, June 28, 2013

Fat Kid Reviews: Tandoor Indian Grill

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Hey! I'm back.

Now I make it no real secret that I'm a fan of the Indian food. I tend to it as often as I can which is generally not often enough. It's one of my absolute favorites. Now this means that I really try to seek out the best of this that I can while at the same time meaning I'm not as knowledgeable about it on the whole.

However, that being said, I know what I like, and this place was pretty fantastic.

There's a trait of Indian restaurants to have a lunch buffet. A collection of various items served in little trays. You know... a buffet. However I've found that it's one of the better ways to gauge some of these place. It's a tactic I know. Get people in with a cheap(er) lunch and they'll come back for a more expensive dinner. And on this first trip to the Tandoor, well, I'll say I wish I had a date to take there.

When we arrived for my bribery luncheon (I can always be bribed with food) the place was far busier than I would have anticipated for a Friday afternoon. At least thirty people. But it didn't slow down. Many were not going for the buffet.

The service was friendly and fast, I honestly don't think I saw the bottom of my glass for longer then a minute or so. (Fantastic Ice Tea by the way). But our server was warm, friendly, and kept things moving. The place was clean and orderly. It was a very pleasant time.

And now for the real event. The reason you read blogs like this on the internet.

The Food. Now as I've said I'm not overly familiar with Indian cuisine. I've been eating it for about five to seven years or so but that doesn't make me an expert. However I know a couple of good markers that many if not most of these places do. Due to the general ignorance about this kind of food in the general populace you see a lot of the same dishes being thrown about with minor variations. Sort of like you see with Mexican and Chinese food. But if you check the vegetable fritters (pakora), the tandoori chicken, and the Tikka Masala you can generally get a good idea of how good they are. Those are things that I've eaten a lot of.

And they met my standards. I wanted to drink their Tikka Masala sauce, and honestly I nearly did. Their tandoori chicken was beautifully charred on the outside and moist and tender inside. And their pakora I think I ate about forty of them. Which is an exaggeration but really not nearly enough of one.

So I think that what I'm saying is that if you're in that area, I'd suggest it. It's quite good. I'll be going back to try the lamb sometime quite soon.

See you in the chow line.
-The Fat Kid

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Recipe Corner with Chef Fatty: Bangers and Mash

((Sorry for how late this is going up... Fat Kid Been Busy.))

British food is not all brown sauce with grey lumps. There's also grey sauce with brown lumps. However they got a few things right. Recently I got turned on to the dish bangers and mash. When the fat kid and our dad were coming over for St. Patty's day I wanted to make a new way of doing it.  Here is the brain child from the dark reaches of my mind.

Caramelized Onions and Shallot Mashed Potatoes
2 bulbs of roasted garlic
3 large shallots julienned
2 jonathen apples julienned
2 large onions
2 tbl of thyme
Half and half
2 cubes butter
1 1/2 cup dubliner cheese
10 lbs yukon gold potatoes

Cut the yukon gold into even chunks (about one inch) and put them in water let them simmer til fork tender. As potatoes cook sauté the onions, shallots, and apples until caramelized. Drain the water out then add the butter, thyme, and garlic. Add half and half til desired consistency. Add caramelized veggies, cheese, and salt and pepper to taste.

Buy some bangers (bratwursts will do) simmer in stout beer and throw on the grill till skin is nice and seared. Plate add potatoes and tasty is coming your way.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Chubby Gnome's Review-O-Tron REMIX: Desert Magnolia BBQ

Yesterday I had the opportunity to revisit this barbecue joint and sample a much greater selection of items on the menu. I had both my lunch and dinner there the day before this writing, and both of them back up my original opinion on the restaurant. Read on for thoughts on some of the best barbecue I've ever eaten.
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The Chubby Gnome: A Study of Spirits: Part 1

Ever since I started cooking professionally I've had a strong interest in cooking with alcohol. In fact I prefer to cook it than to drink it (though I enjoy that a great deal too). Over the years I've compiled a working knowledge of booze, what separates liquors from similar forms, what different nationalities and styles of liquor do to a spirit's taste and texture, as well as how they interact with other foods. Over the next several posts I'll be discussing what I've learned, and hope to condense it all into a useful, workable package to give you a working knowledge of your own, as well as spark some new recipe ideas too.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Down-Gnome Cooking: Stuffed Cornbread Loaves

This is another recipe that I conjured up looking for something that I could easily pack for work and would be able to enjoy at or near it's full potential after a quick nuking. This one is a quick adaptation of Emeril Lagasse's stuffed cornbread recipe utilizing a few ingredients I had available at the time, as well as a few optional tweaks that I found round out the flavor and make it a bit more of a meal-type dish.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Down-Gnome Cooking: Arnold Palmer Braised Brats

Hey boys and girls, here's a quick recipe from the Gnome:

I've been working on a number of easily transportable recipes that I can brown-bag to work for lunch the last few weeks. There are plenty of eating opportunities near my office but with how strapped I am for cash it has become much more effective to simply cook my own and pack it in. As such I'm working hard on building myself a menu of portable edibles that hold well and don't mind a little time in the fridge followed by a subsequent radiation bath.

The first in this series of brown-bag gourmet is an excellent recipe for braised bratwurst I stumbled across very recently. To be completely honest I was just dicking around in the kitchen, but the results were excellent, and so now I give it to the world.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Chubby Gnome: An Ode to Breakfast

An Ode to Breakfast:

I love breakfast. It's by far my favorite meal of the day, and I will have it at any point in the day, as many times as I like. If there's one thing other than my hairy feet that make people draw comparisons between myself and hobbits, it's that.