Friday, March 1, 2013

Fat Kid Reviews: The Pie's Chicken Cordon Blue Pizza

The Pie is a pizza place in Utah that most if not all folks in Salt Lake have a passing knowledge of. It began as a pit of a place under a drug store. And in the last few years they've expanded to a handful of locations across the valley.

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But this is the one I went to. It's just down the street from me and honestly? It's a good pie. My favorite, and the one I usually get is the combination. Just delicious. Loaded with veggies and meats. Just fantastic. One of my favorite pizzas in the world.

But that's not what I'm reviewing, because honestly, you'll either have already tried it, or would figure it out on your own.

No. I want to talk about the specialty pizza I had a few days ago.

The Cordon Blu pizza.

An interesting combination. Bits of chicken, sliced ham, and swish cheese with a horseradishy mustard sauce. The basic premise was absolutely brilliant. The end result was a little less so.

Now for me the real star of this was the sauce. A fairly strong horseradish flavor to cut through the richness of the rest of the sauce, meat, and cheese. I found it absolutely perfect but by the same token I have on occasion just eaten raw horseradish. I would put that stuff in a milkshake and be BLISSFULLY happy. I'm a fan. However the strength of that flavor unbalanced the dish as a whole. The swiss cheese was a good thought but it was a very mild swiss and was easily lost in the rest of the flavors. If it had had either more of the cheese or simply a stronger tasting version of the cheese than if would have balanced out with the somewhat intense horseradish. When finding the balance with strong flavors you need to use strong flavors.

So overall a pizza I would suggest. It's a good slice of pie. However I found it slightly frustrating cause it was a few small missteps short of a truly fantastic experience.

See you in the chow line

-The Fat Kid

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