Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Chubby Gnome's Review-O-Tron: Desert Magnolia BBQ

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Located @ 4066S 1900W Open Tues-Sat

Hidden deep inside an office complex is one of the greatest barbecue joints I've ever entered, and it's certainly the best north of Salt Lake City, and I love me some charcoalized dead animal.

Desert Magnolia is an itty-bitty restaurant, with seating for barely a dozen and not much else in the way of space. It's the very definition of a "hole in the wall" restaurant. Despite the confines, though, the restaurant boasts a very modern feel (the cashiers run the till through an iPad) and the menu does the same while maintaining a traditional style. The structure of said menu follows the traditional barbecue restaurant theme of a choice of meats and sides in varying sizes, as well as a lunch combo containing a sandwich with choice of meat and a side for under $6. I'm just getting started exploring this menu, and I'm certain more posts will come for this excellent restaurant and its proprietors, but I feel I can already give it a recommendation. The brisket alone is divine, especially with the blackberry (or is it blueberry?) barbecue sauce available at the condiment bar, and the braised sweet potato is wonderfully sweet and falls apart at the slightest bite while holding it's shape on the fork. Just typing that sentence made my mouth water. I better stop before I short circuit my laptop.

 If you're anywhere in the Ogden or Roy area, it's definitely worth checking out.

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