Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fat Kid Reviews: Copper Creek

Copper Creek Pub and Grub

3154s 5600w West Valley City Ut.

A few years ago my brother stumbled upon this place tucked back behind two fast food mexican places over in West Valley. He went there with an old friend on a number of occasions before I was invited to go with them.

My first impression was that it was a nice a fairly clean bar. Emphasizing sports and beers. Then we ordered some food. The menu was usual bar fair. A fair assortment of meat between various forms of breads and a lot of fried foods. A handful of salads that exist more for the sake of appearance than for their ground breaking flavors or ideas. It is a place exactly as advertised. It's a pub. Where one could very easily grub.

I've since been back on a number of occasions with a wide selection of different people and tried many of their offerings. They do solid offerings across the board. Their burgers are nice and fresh. They're "Chubby" burgers, which have a burger with grilled cheese instead of bread, is decadent and tasty but will make you feel like part of the obesity problem in the world. Their steak sandwichs are solid and their fish and chips are quite delicious.

Though the two favorite things that I can whole heartedly suggest are the Nachos and the Greek Burger.

The nachos have a delicious in house made Queso cheese sauce with ground beef and vegetable mixed into it. On some fresh fried (or a really high quality bag chip) chips it's something quite fantastic. And the Greek Burger. A nicely toasted bun, well cooked burger patty with feta and a tasty bit of tapenade. Mmm... Admittedly I have a solid soft spot for the greek flavor profile but it's a solid burger regardless.

Also of note is their onion rings. Their cajun spiced fries are alright, if a little boring. And their british style chips are solid and tasty. There can be a little inconsistency in the frying. It seems like there's one of their cooks whose better on the frier and one that's better on the grill. The food's always tasty but there's a little give and take on what's tastiest. Though that's true of any place.

The food is well worth your time, it's really the service that keeps me coming back there. There's honestly little about the actual atmosphere that would normally appeal to me. The sports theme of the decorations and stuff on the tv tends to honestly put me off in similar places but here I don't mind it. I've had a handful of different waiters but they're all very good at their job. Warm and friendly. Well... there's one guy who's not really either warm or friendly, but by the Gods he's good at what he does. Keeps your drinks coming and appears at the exact moment you need him like a genie.

Good place to go. I highly suggest it.

See you in the Chow line,
-The Fat Kid

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