Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fat Kid Reviews: Piper Down Irish Pub

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I go here a lot. It's one of those places that always feels like it's somebody's favorite bar. The decor embraces this eclectic patchwork of Irish and the aged structure of the building itself into a strange but strangely fun atmosphere. The service is consistent and nice.

But honestly I really don't care as much about all that. Because I go here for the food.

It's an odd menu. American food modified to be more... Irish. A burger with Corned Beef on top, "Irish Corndogs" (fresh dipped bratwurst corndog with a Guiness and mustard sauce for dipping.),"Irish Nachos" (Fresh Potato chips with cheese, pico, guacomole, and small diced corned beef), and other dishes of a similar bent. There's also a good selection of classic British Isles food, the best of those being the Bangers and Mash, and the Scot Eggs.

Now, this is a place that I just keep coming back to. Their Irish Nachos may be one of my favorite things to cram into my facehole. It's high quality, just odd enough to make you want to try one more, and be sad when you eat the very last one.

They use a very delicious corned beef that is perfectly tender and has a nice flavor to it. On a burger? It's just delightful. On it's own? Just as good. Even as I write this I can feel my mouth watering. And their brown gravy is just a work of art. Mmm... just mmm. That's my review of the food. The kind of delicious stick to your ribs stuff that you want to eat after a rough week.

They also have a rather nice selection of vegetarian and gluten free options (little shaky on my memory of the gluten so that might be a lie) that I have not personally tried but given their work with the things I have consumed I'd be surprised if their veggie stuff was not as good as everything else.

Their selection of drinks is quite nice. It's a full bar and they have some really tasty cocktails. I've only tried a handful but they've all be quite good. I'm really quite partial to the Duckfart.

But regardless of what you drink I can't say enough good about this place and it's incredible food. Give it a try.

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See you in the Chow line,
-The Fat Kid

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