Friday, June 6, 2014

Fat Kid Reviews: The Other Place

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So this particular review comes with a story.

My brother (Chef Fatty) and I had not seen each other for ages, and so we decided on a culinary adventure. He'd been to this particular place a time or two before and said that they produced solid food, so in the spirit of "why not" we went there on a Friday for their "Braised Lamb Shank".

The atmosphere itself was sort of displaced in time. It had a distinct retro vibe, or to put it more clearly it had an old decor. We immediately joked about how this place would only appeal to old people and hipsters. And then we laughed and then we had a moment of awkward realization and then we were seated.

The service was friendly and they kept out glasses full (no small feat with Fatty and I). We ordered the Braised Lamb, some bacon, and a cup of the Clam Chowder.

Now... I eat a lot of Clam Chowder and I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to it. And this soup was very different than I was expecting. Unlike most Chowders I eat it had a very strong aromatic flavor. The carrots and celery were very pronounced, but somehow it really worked. They didn't mask or overpower the clam flavor in fact they seemed to dial it up. Very tasty and just a little different.

The braised lamb was just fantastic. Deep rich flavors, earthy tones, bright tomato tones, melt in your mouth deliciousness. It's very worth a trip out there. The spaghetti it was served with was underseasoned, the sauce was just the braising liquid from the lamb which was delicious, but the noodles were a little overdone and they hadn't salted the water.

But that being said this was a very nice a little trip and the food was very worth your time.

See you in the Chow Line,
-The Fat Kid

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